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Acupressure Neck Massage
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Registered Massage Therapy

RMT Insurance Receipt Provided - All Services Subject to HST

My Rate for All Services is $2/min + HST 

ie. $120 + HST ($135.60) for 60 min

Service Durations:

45 min, 60 min, 75 min,

90 min, 105 min, 120 min

Therapeutic for Aches, Chronic Pain, Injuries, Poor Posture 

This is my customized blend of soft tissue, deep tissue, sport and thai massage techniques to deliver you targeted and lasting pain relief and relaxation.  This is the ideal service for clients wishing to maximize the physical wellness benefits of their massage therapy session.

Cancellation Policy

Sometimes work and personal life conflicts with our appointments and we need to cancel or reschedule. 

There is no cancellation fee for the first or occasional same day cancellation.

However, if it continues to happen regularly I kindly ask that you prepay when rescheduling your appointments or they will be cancelled upon request.

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Deep tissue thai massage promo massage near me
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Free Customizations


medium pressure - perfect for stress relief and increasing circulation

Soft tissue relaxation massage works with medium pressure on the superficial layer and is useful for warming up the muscle to prepare it for deeper work

It is also known as relaxation or swedish massage 

Deep Tissue

Firm pressure - perfect for maintaining physical wellness

This is often a more painful approach when compared to relaxation or sport massage for pain relief


Targeted results - perfect for pain management

This is often a faster, less painful and more effective approach when compared to deep tissue


A traditional thai massage on a floor mat

An alternative approach - achieve a combination of targeted myofascial release and deep stretches 

This style of massage can release tissue that traditional kneading overlooks

If your pain persists after a 'table' massage, consider approaching muscles and joints with this alternative 'floor' massage


Hot Stone

A massage infused with deep heat

Instantly relaxing - deep heat can help rapidly relax hypertensive tissue

Hot stones prepare muscles to comfortably receive deep kneading and stretches 

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Deep tissue thai massage promo massage near me
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