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Hi - I'm Jacquelynn!

I'm a Registered Massage Therapist, self-care and mental health enthusiast with an eco-mission and a love for cats and I'm here to help you separate yourself from a life of pain and stress.

My exposure to PAIN began at the ripe age of 3. I began suffering from SEVERE migraines - my parents had my brain MRI'd for fear that something was growing in there (there wasn't - knock on wood) because when I writhed in pain I looked like I was having seizures. I was in the hospital every week and I didn't even know the words I needed like headache or migraine. I could only say that my head hurt - like hammers had struck me or a bomb was set off inside my head. My poor parents.

With time I learned my triggers and I developed quite an impressive pain threshold.

That's why when I was 18 years old and I was rear ended by a minivan while riding as a passenger on a motorcycle I was able to stand up and walk away - even though my back felt like pins and needles and nothing all at once. In reality I was a bouquet of wrecked and I stayed that way with warped posture imbalances and nerve damage for years.

Chronic overuse and posture imbalances caused me to dislocated my shoulder. And severely sprain my ankle. And both of my wrists. But I didn't know because I was an energetic healthy looking 20 something year old with an inhuman pain tolerance.

It was once I started feeling electrical sharp shooting pains in my spine that I decided I might actually need help. I didn't have my RMT training at this time and I took for granted the amazing targeted approach physio took with my posture. Despite my ignorance and ego it was commitment to yoga that helped me get by for a few years.

Then COVID struck. No more yoga. No more movement or wellness at all.

I felt my body go through a wave of rest and recovery and then into a downward spiral resulting in a stagnant couch potato.

I was wrapping up my massage therapy education and everything was coming together when I crossed paths with a physio that also approached recovery from a postural perspective.

I learned quickly.

My issues transformed into a privilege: I was the perfect guinea pig. To best serve my clients I explored all of my therapeutic techniques, stretches and strengthening exercises against my laundry list of pains and found remedies for all of them. It all started with posture imbalances.

In 2021 I became officially licensed and my new name was Jacquelynn Gould, RMT and I was ready to rock n' roll.

My mission is take all of the skills and life experiences that I have and pay it forward with the clients who KNOW pain too.

I believe most massage therapists don't get pain and that's why they treat clients with general relaxation massages. But I work together with clients and customize therapeutic massages that release and reset traumatized tissues.

Now, my body works for me in ways that seem impossible for a petite 5'2" female. I've never felt better.

I began as the wounded and found myself a healer on the other side.

Are you ready? I am.

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Education and Experience

Professional Background

Humber College - May 2017

Bachelor of Child and Youth Care with Honours

Contributing to a trauma informed and empathetic practice as well as foundation in boundaries, self-awareness and self-care.

International Beauty Institute - November 2017

Diploma of Medical Aesthetics & Dermarolling

A foundation of relaxation massage techniques for the scalp, face, hands, feet and body as well luxurious hydrotherapies including aroma, hot towels, hot stones, body scrubs and wraps.

Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy - July 2021

Diploma of Massage Therapy

A foundation of swedish, deep tissue, sport, prenatal and postnatal techniques.

College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) - November 2021

Certificate of Registration

An active registrant in good standing with the college.

Thai Massage Toronto - June 2022

Thai Level Massage 1 & 2A

A foundation of relaxing entry level thai massage techniques for practioners and their clients.

Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy - September 2022

Indian Head Massage Therapy

A deep dive into the westernized world of relaxing ayurvedic scalp massage techniques.

The Power of Healing - January 2023

Reiki Practitioner

A personal healing and self-care practice you can use to manage chronic pain, anxiety and depression. Reiki can be integrated into another healing modality you're already doing.

Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy - Coming Soon

Reflexology Certificate

The course focuses on the basic understanding of anatomy and physiology as it applies to Foot and Hand Reflexology

Yoga Renew - In Progress 2022/2023

200 HR Online Yoga Teacher Training

This comprehensive YTT will give you a strong foundation for yoga philosophy and practice.

Yoga Renew - In Progress 2022/2023

300 HR Online Yoga Teacher Training

Builds on the foundation of a 200 hour yoga teacher training by going deeper into the practice of yoga.

Yoga Renew - In Progress 2022/2023

20 HR Yin Yoga Certification

Whether you’re just getting started or building on foundational knowledge this certification program provides a fulfilling immersion into this precious practice, its history, philosophy and much more.

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