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Pressure Point Massage
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I was on my layover in Toronto last September flying to Europe when I called Jacquelynn for a Swedish Massage services. OMG! In about 22 years, I have had more than 20 massage therapists and I can confirm that this lady is generous in her field. I got the best massage ever in 22 years with more than 20 RMTs. Her techniques of combining strokes and stretches gave me the greatest and the longest relief for my lower back pain I have never had after a massage. I will definitely request for Jacquelynn's service every time I am in the Mississauga area and if you want a massage for pain relief, I sincerely recommend Jacquelynn, please give her a try, you will not be disappointed.
Would recommend: Yes


Jacquelynn is amazing! I reached out to find her after she'd given me massage at her previous clinic. My mom said it was one of the best massages ever! She gave me a personalized touch that helped my shoulder pain and focused on areas that needed more attention.
Would recommend: Yes
Comments: 11/10! I would highly recommend Jacquelynn to my colleagues and friends.


I am a very active person and also a sit in front of computer 10 hours per day. basically I m struggling with my back, my arms and most areas that support my sports activities (soccer, skiing, and even drumming etc.). I am always looking around to see if there are any RMT that pays attention to details and is able see the full picture of my situation and can help me fix both athletic and work related pain. The technique and patience from Jacquelynn is able to help me get the relief and I can focus back on what I like to do the most! I strongly appreciate her effort and attention to details. She is the first one I would recommend to my friends and relatives when it come to the professionalism that Jacquelynn is able to provide.


Thank you Jacquelynn for your services!
I’ve been getting my massages done by Jacquelynn for the past 3 months and it’s helped my back and shoulder pain a lot. She knows exactly what you need and understands how to help you. She truly is the best massage therapist in the world and I highly, highly recommend coming to her, you won’t regret it!


Jacquelynn is absolutely amazing - I've had a number of therapists over the years and she is by far the best. She knows what she's doing and goes above and beyond. Her technique is far advanced than what you get in generic RMT spa treatments. Highly recommend her as a therapist.


I tried a thai massage with Jacquelynn recently for the first time. Jacquelynn was great at explaining the benefits and knowing just how much stretch to apply. I ended the session feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and happy to add this to my massage routine. You are amazing Jacquelynn, thank you.

- RB

Jacquelynn is a very good therapist in Mississauga. I feel so relaxed and almost go to sleep whenever I get massage from her, definitely try her clinic. One will enjoy her company and feel so relaxed.


My 3rd Massage: Jacquelynn is very tuned into my individual needs and is greatly helping with chronic post surgery pain.

- HS

This was my first experience, and it was truly the best. I highly recommend, thank you!

- AD

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