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Pets: Welcome

I have 3 Kittens

Their names are Pumpkin, Maple & Honey

If you visit my gallery you can see pictures of my furry family and my studio. Misty, my previous cat has passed away and I currently have three bonded brothers from the same litter. 

They are Ragdolls, which is the top breed recommended for emotional support animals. They were prepared to be trained for emotional support animals, however they are not certified. They are extremely gentle and cuddly. They do not bite, scratch, hiss or growl. 

Ragdolls are hypoallergenic -  allergy friendly cats, as they naturally produce less of the protein that people are allergic to. Furthermore,  I am feeding them a diet which also reduces this protein by an additional 50%. 

Kittens sleep 18-20hrs of the day, and adult cats sleep 16-18hrs a day. They are always napping or playing in a separate room prior to your arrival and throughout the duration of your service.

If you do not want to mee them, you won't even notice I have any pets. It is (usually) quiet and clean. 

Please ask me If you wish to SEE them. You can take a PEEK, but PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THEM or lift them WITHOUT CONSENT. 

Thank you, 


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massage, massage near me, rmt, rmt near me

In Loving Memory of Misty

Rest in Peace

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Balancing Rocks
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